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Lauren Mason


An apprenticeship is the way I could continue learning and gain experience, while being able to work at the same time and receive a qualification. Another reason is to help develop my skills in a work environment and in an admin role, as before I was only doing work experience and only knew the basics.

Other people should choose to complete an apprenticeship as it is a way you can learn and earn at the same time. You also get support from your colleagues as they are in similar job roles and can help with any jobs you are stuck with around the work place as they have more experience and can help you improve throughout the year.

My apprenticeship is a Level 2 Diploma in Business and Administration. I do this in a school and work as the receptionist but also have various other jobs around work, for example preparing and sending out post, filing, receiving phone calls, preparing for meetings with refreshments/paperwork, going through general enquiries, etc.

I have learned many things while doing my apprenticeship, most of what I have learned is how to use the different types of equipment in the offices, and how to use them correctly. I have also gained more skills while doing my apprentice for example, I have more knowledge when working with excel, publisher and other programmes, as before I only knew the basics as I didn’t use them very often and now I am using them regularly. Working in an admin environment, has helped me decide that I would like to still carry on a career working in admin, whether that be in a school or another business.


Monday 22nd - Friday 26th January 2018

This week I went to work normally on Monday and Tuesday, on Tuesday I created a dropbox for the school so we can easily send images to our graphic designer for our pantomime. On Wednesday I attended a first aid course at the Keyworth, I will now be able to help with any first aid at my workplace. On Thursday I was at the Keyworth again doing one of my business administration workshops, in this workshop we watched a webinar.

This week I have learnt how to use dropbox, I made the dropbox for the school, as this was an easy way to send images of our pantomime to our graphic designer who could then use them in her work. We originally sent the images over email but the images were too small and didn’t have a great resolution. We found that if we sent it over dropbox, the images were clearer and a bigger enough size to work with. Our school dropbox account can now be used in the future if we need it. I have also learnt how to do basic first aid this week, I thought this would be suitable to know as I am on reception and that is where most students or visitors will go if they are injured or require first aid. I have learnt how to deal with cuts, burns and can now do CPR if necessary. In the workshop on Thursday we attended a webinar, this was called ‘The Secrets of Successful B2B Marketing Webinar’ it told us the best way to present a webinar and how to keep the audience engaged. It was helpful if we were going to attend one or do a webinar ourselves in the future.

Being trained in first aid will make a difference at work because now I will be able to help people if any of the students or visitors are injured, instead of going to get a first aider which would take time.