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Josephine Whitelaw

Primary Receptionist/Administrator

Monday 2nd July 2018

Today, I negotiated with a parent that was upset about being invoiced for a session whilst on holiday.  I listened and explained the reasoning behind the fee.  I felt confident to deal with this. I have continued my day with tackling the outstanding debts accrued throughout early years.  I make sure I have all the knowledge of the account to hand before making a call before using my communication skills to either remind a parent, check a query or set up a payment plan.  Today after training on GDPR I have produced a letter for our students that will be leaving us and who have a tapestry account.  This is asking parental permission to transfer an account to another setting or giving parents the opportunity to request to set up a download facility so they do not lose their child’s journal records.  This letter reminds a parent of their responsibilities and lets them know what the process is for us dealing with their child’s data. I finished my day with sending invoice requests to the finance team for the after schools club.

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

What an interesting day.  We are planning for lots of changes in Early Years.  I have had lots of parents enquiring about September.  Have they got the requested additional sessions?  What room will their child be in in September or have they got a space at the Academy?  After liaising with the Assistant Head of Early Years I have started to produce a range of letters that cover all those questions so that parents are informed and have a deadline to get these out to parents by Monday 9th July after they have been checked by Claire Logan.   Tuesday is also invoice day so it has been a really busy day. 

Wednesday 4th July 2018

Today I worked on Unit 5 of my business administration apprenticeship, “Principles of business”.  This unit has really surprised me as I felt I knew nothing about it when reading through it alone.  We have had a workshop on this unit that has really helped me to identify where it fits into my personal life and business.  I am really enjoying this unit and feel I am working hard to complete this unit. At the end of the day I returned to work on the reception and practice my communication skills as well as prioritise the work load that had developed that day that I had not planned for.

Thursday 5th July 2018

I have caught up with accident logs and registered all the new starters in pre-reception on to receive free milk from September.  I have also completed some filling. Last thing I did some in-touch training and skill sharing with a colleague.

Friday 6th July 2018

Today my plans were to have a debt meeting with a parent to discuss a payment plan and to have a meeting with the business and operations manager to discuss parental contracts for September for the Nursery, Pre-reception and before/after schools care.  This will be interesting as I have not been to a meeting to discuss my thoughts on this and hopefully this will help with debts and expectations in the future.  As this is new to my position I can use this as 20% of my time towards my qualifications.  I am always learning new things in my ever changing role.