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Thomas Fahy

IT Support

When I was a 6th Form student at Witham Academy I decided to learn industry recognised qualifications, i.e. CCNA, CompTIA A+, my I.T. teachers noticed this and advised me to take an apprenticeship due to the strong theory knowledge I have. Due to not doing many I.T practical’s when I was a student, I thought this would be a great idea to expand on my practical skills. 

If you complete an apprenticeship you will gain new skills from the IT team, if completing an IT apprenticeship, and you will also get industry recognised I.T qualifications upon completion.

My apprenticeship role doesn’t differ much from any 1st Line Support IT Technician. Some of my roles include: Manging the ticket system, responding to calls, helping staff, students and supporting other IT colleagues when required.

I picked IT as a subject in school and I did not learn much due to the technical knowledge I already had – although other students benefited from this. If you choose an apprenticeship, you will be working with experienced technicians who will teach you the skills you need. I have learnt many new skills – not just technical skills, but communication and how to respond to different customers in an appropriate way. 

The apprenticeship has given me a good start, this means I will have gained 3 extra valuable qualifications. This program helped me significantly, this means I will now be able to do continue further qualifications that I began in 6th Form more easily. I recommend this course to those who have great theory skills but lack on practical.


8th - 12th January 2018

This week I have been reading through the CCNA course, as I have been doing some self-study work, and I have learned a tough chapter about subnets. The chapter about subnets has already been applied to my workplace as I have to know about subnets to configure a camera correctly. By learning this information, the IT department run much more efficiently. i.e. you don’t need to distract other technicians from doing their jobs as you already know what to do.