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Mateusz Postrozny

IT Support

I chose to do an apprenticeship as you get a lot of experience in the job role you want to do in the future. This also gives you confidence in the world of work.

I think an apprenticeship is the best place to start your career in as it will give you a head start by a mile! Going into work without any experience is hard, but if you take it slow and go onto an apprenticeship program, there are so many people who can will help you achieve and help you progress into your chosen job role.

My apprenticeship role offers a variety of different parts in it, one of them is meeting new people that are very experienced in the job role and they help you wherever they can, it also build’s your confidence by doing individual jobs.

When I went into secondary school and college I didn’t learn much about apprenticeships. Schools only offer basic information based on the subjects you choose, but if you go onto the apprenticeship you will find that not only it gives you help where needed but it also gives you qualifications, which will help you to get a better job in the future. This can sometimes mean that it is better than completing a course or A Levels.

This program gave me a head start in my career progress as now I will have 3 extra qualifications in Cisco IT but also other qualifications related to IT.

I think this program helped me in a significant amount and I am highly recommending this to anyone who wants a better future!