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Jane Ellingford

Primary Pastoral Manager

My Job

Primary Pastoral Manager

As a team we need to remain positive and polite, encouraging children to attend regularly and on time providing them with a good set of values for later in life, enabling them to achieve and flourish as rounded individuals. We need to engage parents and ensure staff are organised by providing any knowledge and information they require.

Daily Tasks

Class registers - any attendance or safeguarding issues are dealt with immediately.

School lunches - have to be counted, ordered and recorded. Money also has to be counted, recorded and cashed in.

End of day procedures - need to be followed and safeguarding issues dealt with immediately.

Monday 5th February

Counted money collected from NSPCC day all in copper and silver change raised £127.97. Primary Times magazine distributed to all classes. Looked after a member of staff involved in a first aid incident. Created a healthy lunch booklet. Learnt Google forms.

Tuesday 6th February

Parents evening and internet safety day:

  • Arranged and delivered two staff buffets

  • Setup and entered data for parental questionnaires

  • Printed and distributed healthy lunch booklets and internet safety pamphlets

Wednesday 7th February

Parents evening. Entered data for parental questionnaires. Re-arrange a previously cancelled visit. Gave a tour of the Academy. Arranged a new admission. Dealt with a safeguarding incident.

Thursday 8th February

Attended a training session at The Keyworth Centre (meeting stakeholder needs):

  • Identifying stakeholders in relation to the team's objectives

  • How the team's objectives meet stakeholder requirements

  • Identified work plans with the team gaining commitment to meet stakeholder needs

  • Evaluate and modify the work plans to meet stakeholder needs

  • Identify improvements to meet stakeholder's needs

  • Identify resources and costs to support improvements

  • Identify benefits to be obtained from improvements

  • Identify the individuals to whom a case for change is to be made

  • Describe the components of a case for change

  • Identify how a case for change supports the team's objectives

  • Describe how to monitor and review the effect of the change

Friday 9th February

Researched what a blog was!