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Harry Gibbons

PE Team Leader

Monday 26th March 2018

Every Monday morning as part of the P.E staff I make sure all the equipment and facilities are fit and ready for use. I then prepared for my lessons that I will have throughout the day making sure I am ready to teach and have all the drills and skills ready. I also ran a lunch time club which was table tennis for all year groups to improve their skills outside of their lessons. Furthermore after school extra-curricular activities are put on for the students to get involved with a wider range of sports. I am in charge of the football.

Tuesday 27th March 2018

In the morning I had a bit of free time so I decided to do some of the apprenticeship work I had been set. I like to use this time to do this as it helps me to make sure I don’t get behind on any deadlines and stay ahead. During the day I had lessons to do with different years. I had football, and table tennis lessons during the day. I worked on shape and positioning in football and back hand drive in table tennis.

Wednesday 28th March 2018

Wednesday morning I was running the badminton club which students come in between 7:45 and 8:45 to have a bit of exercise before a hard working day. This runs every day. I like to join in with the students in this as they love challenging the teacher! During the day I had 3 football lessons. Two of the lessons were with the year 11s which meant I could work on some more advanced skills. The students like me taking the football as I am playing at a high level myself which means they listen thoroughly to what I’m saying and take everything on board. This also makes my job more enjoyable. After school I helped out with the year 7 football match, doing the warm up and making sure they were ready for the game.

Thursday 29th March 2018

Thursday was the last day of term so during the day I was sorting out all the store cupboards making sure they are all were tidy and turned around for next term. This is because the next term the sports I’m teaching change from football and rugby to tennis and athletics.

Friday 30th March 2018

Bank holiday.