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Business Administration Apprentices

Caitlin Puzey - Administration Assistant

I chose an apprenticeship because I had recognised that I am a very practical learner and find ‘on the job’ learning much more beneficial than classroom based teaching. I think that the opportunity to gain real workplace experience whilst completing a qualification alongside it is great. I have gained skills that I never would have if I had gone down a more academic education route, and I feel like these skills will really benefit me when I come to apply for future job roles.

I complete general admin tasks on a daily basis and gather evidence for my apprenticeship, however no day is ever the same. I also get the opportunity to learn lots of new skills in my job which is exciting.

I have learnt a lot about the general workplace which I did not know anything about before my apprenticeship. I have also developed my communication skills a lot - I think that working closely with professionals and students alike has really helped build my confidence in work and also outside of work in general situations.

I feel like the experience I have gained during my apprenticeship will really benefit me in the future as I have developed my CV a lot and gained so many skills which I can refer to when applying for jobs.


Matt Cording - Marketing Assistant

I chose an apprenticeship because it is a good way of training  for a new career. Through an apprenticeship you don’t just learn how to do your job, you learn about all different aspects of it and the line of work that you have joined as a whole.

Other individuals should complete an apprenticeship if they are looking to be trained to work in a certain occupation. It is good way to gain experience in a certain job while learning about the different aspects of it at the same time.

My apprenticeship includes a wide range of tasks from researching about social media and how it can be used for marketing, to organising and contributing towards events. As a marketing assistant within a school, I look for ways to promote and advertise the school, as well as ways to show off the great things that the school does, for example, charity work and school performances.

Over the course of my apprenticeship I have learnt many new skills – several of which are of course specific to my job. However I have gained improved different skills that I use on daily basis, such as the ability to communicate effectively with other people.

In terms of the future, I think starting an apprenticeship was a good idea because it has given me more experience of a working environment. Whether I choose to continue on with a career in marketing, or if a choose a different career path, I will have evidence that I have experience of working within a business environment on my CV which should impress future employers.


George Reed - Finance Assistant

I chose an Apprenticeship because it is a good way of becoming trained to do a certain job role and a good way to work your way up a company.

I think people should choose an apprenticeship because you get all of the training you need with help from mentor’s. This means that you are not fully independent and left to struggle. You also get paid on the job while learning.

My job role is a Finance and Payroll Apprentice. Part of my role is to make sure that any customer enquiries are dealt with as soon as possible and to the best of my ability. Another part of my job role is to complete monthly pension spreadsheet’s for the whole federation and each individual academy.

I have learnt more about pension schemes, how they work and the benefits and drawbacks of them. I have increased my knowledge of Microsoft programmes (mainly Excel, Outlook and Word). I have developed my eye for detail and what to look out for when it comes to looking at important documents such as staff payslips and any mistakes on invoices and delivery notes. My confidence and communication has also improved as I am more confident and more mature when talking to new people.

This has helped me to become more confident when completing office tasks without supervision and helped my knowledge of all office areas and documents. I have also gained 9 months of office experience going onto 1 year of office experience which is very useful in the future when it comes to applying for jobs in the same career area.


Lauren Mason - Receptionist

An apprenticeship is the way I could continue learning and gain experience, while being able to work at the same time and receive a qualification. Another reason is to help develop my skills in a work environment and in an admin role, as before I was only doing work experience and only knew the basics.

Other people should choose to complete an apprenticeship as it is a way you can learn and earn at the same time. You also get support from your colleagues as they are in similar job roles and can help with any jobs you are stuck with around the work place as they have more experience and can help you improve throughout the year.

My apprenticeship is a Level 2 Diploma in Business and Administration. I do this in a school and work as the receptionist but also have various other jobs around work, for example preparing and sending out post, filing, receiving phone calls, preparing for meetings with refreshments/paperwork, going through general enquiries, etc.

I have learned many things while doing my apprenticeship, most of what I have learned is how to use the different types of equipment in the offices, and how to use them correctly. I have also gained more skills while doing my apprentice for example, I have more knowledge when working with excel, publisher and other programmes, as before I only knew the basics as I didn’t use them very often and now I am using them regularly. Working in an admin environment, has helped me decide that I would like to still carry on a career working in admin, whether that be in a school or another business.


Holly Jones - Finance Assistant

Within my Finance role, I work as part of a team to do a large variety of different jobs. I use email a lot to contact suppliers, staff members within the schools etc. – communication and team work is key. It also means you have to be trustworthy with confidential information and well mannered.

I struggled almost a year to find a job when I was in college, I think my age impacted this a lot and this made me feel uneasy about my future lacking work experience and a wage. With an apprenticeship, not only are you working, you’re also earning while still gaining a qualification alongside. It made me feel much more secure with what I felt I wanted to do as a career and now I earn, I can learn to drive! I enjoy working with The Priory Federation of Academies and my colleagues are very welcoming and supportive.

For your studying, you don’t have to travel anywhere, you just do it right at your desk (and at home). The work is not too difficult either and if you ever need any help, your colleagues are happy to help. There’s also no exams for anyone that worries about those – it’s 100% coursework (and a few assessments).

It was scary at first but I love this job and I don’t regret my choices -It makes me feel more confident and independent.

Go for it!


Georgia Kennedy - Receptionist/Administration Assistant

I liked the idea that I could earn a wage while still continuing with education. I can also have many different possible progression routes once I have completed my apprenticeship.

It is good if you know what you want to do and if you don’t. If you want to go into an apprenticeship sector as a job, you may find an apprenticeship that you enjoy and you could progress quickly within an organisation. If you don’t know what you want to do, you can earn money while gaining a recognised qualification and use the time to think about what type of job suits you.

I am currently completing a Level 2 Business Administration apprenticeship. This includes a wide variety of tasks such as printing and copying, preparing documentation, ordering products and services, attending meetings and so on. There does not tend to be a ‘typical’ day within my particular role.

Since the start of my apprenticeship, I have learned and adapted to business standards and the quality expected from my working environment. I am also more aware of how to handle documents correctly in accordance to policies. Communication is more important than you think in a job in order to let colleagues know the work that you are doing or any problems that may occur that may also affect them.

This has helped me in my career prospects as I never considered doing a ‘desk job’ as I thought it would be boring, but it is quite varied and enjoyable on most days. I have also been told that I am good at what I do within my role and I would have never known that this is something I was good at until I started my apprenticeship.