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Kieran Esberger

IT Support

Monday 29th January 2018

At the start of the week we took delivery of a new phone that needed to be deployed in the Swimming area. Me and my colleague Sam sat together and configured the phone correctly so that when the mount is ready to be mounted on the wall, we can just plug it in and it all be already set up.  I got a phone call later on that day giving me the information that a computer screen had been badly damaged and needed removing and replacing as soon as possible.

Tuesday 30th January 2018

On Tuesday morning, I came into work with an email regarding a new member of staff. When a new member of staff joins, there is a number of things that need to be done by the IT team to get them all they need. I had to first of all create their account so that when they log onto a computer, they will have access. After then setting up their account, it would now sync with our system. This means that I was then able to set up their email account so that members of staff are able to contact the member of staff if need be. When a new member of staff joins the Academy, they are issued a ID card. This card presents their name and picture. As well as this, inside the card it holds a chip that is a sensor for the door locks. Some doors throughout the academy are out of bounds for students and therefore have to be locked. When you place your ID card over the door, if you have access to that area, it will allow you in. So we asked the new member of staff to bring up their ID card so that we were able to add the correct permissions for her.

Wednesday 31st January 2018

Every now and then, other sites within the academy may need assistance or an extra pair of hands. On Wednesday, it was a prime example of this, as I was told that I was needed at The Priory City of Lincoln Academy. Whilst I was down at this other school there were a number of tickets that had come in over the past few days. I took a few of those tickets and began working on them. One of the tickets in particular was about a broken data point. When a data point is broken, It means that when an Ethernet cable is plugged into the data point on the wall, it won’t receive any connection. To solve this, I had to bring a screwdriver, cable punch, and a cable tester. I unscrewed the screws either side of this data point, and opened it up to take a look. As there wasn’t much room for me to get my head in to see what was wrong, I used the cable punch and punched them all down to make sure none of the cables on the inside of the Fibre Optic wire were loose. Once I had punched all these down, I tested it again and there was a connection.

Thursday 1st February 2018

When I got into PCLA on Thursday morning, I was greeted with a similar ticket to yesterday morning. I was made aware that an Ethernet cable when plugged into a data point, wouldn’t hold its connection for very long. So when I went down to this classroom, I noticed that the clips on Ethernet cable was missing, which means when it has been placed, it won’t be very secure. So I took down a spare Ethernet cable and tested that, and the connection was still not working. After troubleshooting the Ethernet cable issue, I took down a whole new thin client as I know that sometimes the clips on the inside of the clients can snap. When I tested this new client, the connection was stable.

Friday 2nd February 2018

When Friday came around, I was needed back at Priory Witham as there were a number of tasks that needed completing. Down in the sensory room there was a broken data point. As well as that, up in music, the computer wouldn’t boot any further than a black screen. So when I went up to music, I noticed that there was no writing or text on the screen other than it being blank. So I turned on the interactive whiteboard and noticed that it had put the writing on there as it thought that the IWB was the main display. When I read the text that showed on the IWB, it said “Unable to find a bootable device”. When this message appeared I went straight into the BIOS of the computer and checked the order of bootable devices. As this computer is a FAT client and not a THIN I knew that the operating system is stored locally. So I changed the primary boot device to the hard drive. When I selected the hard drive, the computer booted normally.