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Priory Apprenticeships delivers a diverse portfolio of apprenticeships informed and shaped by the expertise of being an educational provider, the unique dynamics of apprenticeship provision, all stakeholders, and the wider community needs. At the end of their training, apprentices will: 

  1. Be an effective apprentice
  2. Have excellent skills, knowledge and behaviours in an occupational domain
  3. Develop a portfolio of transferable skills which will enhance career progression and choices
  • The opportunity has given me real workplace experience whilst completing a qualification, I have gained skills which will really benefit me when I apply for future job roles. I have learnt a lot about the general workplace, developing my communication skills by working closely with professionals & building my confidence in & out of work. - Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship

  • I chose an apprenticeship as a good way to train for a new career, you don’t just learn how to do your job, you learn about all different aspects of work as a whole. My apprenticeship includes a wide range of tasks from researching about social media & how it is used for marketing, to organising & contributing towards events. In terms of the future, an apprenticeship was a good idea as it has given me more experience in a working environment, if I choose to continue in marketing or choose a different career path, I have evidence of working within a business environment which should impress future employers. - Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship

  • When I was a 6th Form student I decided to learn industry recognised qualifications, i.e. CCNA, CompTIA A+, I was advised to take an apprenticeship due to my strong theory knowledge & expand on my practical skills. By doing so I work with experienced technicians who teach me the skills I need, not just technical skills, but communication & how to respond to different customers appropriately. My role includes manging the IT ticket system, responding to calls, helping staff, students & supporting other IT colleagues when required. This has given me a good start, I have gained 3 extra valuable qualifications and I am now able to do continue onto further & higher learning. - Level 2 ICT Apprenticeship

  • I chose an apprenticeship as I was not ready for university. It is the best way to start out as it gives you a chance to try out what you want to do whilst getting the qualification you need to accomplish this. Personally, I think everyone should experience being an apprentice & the opportunities that come with it, getting to know yourself & how you will work in the future. It gives you a better understanding of whether you have made the right career choice & if taken the right journey for your future. As an SSA I am there for students during lessons or as a 1-1 support, I am a friendly face if they have problems out of the classroom or need support in lessons. I assist students who have medical problems where I will need to be with them in case of an emergency. During exams or tests, I am a reader or scribe. I have become more independent & confident within myself, learning different ways to deal with situations & how to overcome them in the best way possible. My apprenticeship has helped to realise I have made the right choice for the future & how I to improve by understanding what I need to achieve my qualifications & knowledge. - Level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning Apprenticeship