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Coaching Professional Level 5

Who can be a Coaching Professional?

As well as in education settings, coaching professionals are found in private, public and third sector national and multinational organisations. In their daily work, an accredited coach interacts skilfully with coachees, to support the individual, team or organisation with the development of its people.Coaching facilitates learning and closes the gap between people’s potential and their current performance.


Who is the Apprenticeship Aimed at?

Anyone working in an organisation who has responsibility for developing the professional effectiveness of others.


Details of the Apprenticeship:

Apprentices will demonstrate the core knowledge, skills and behaviours to be fully competent as a Coaching Professional in their professional context;

The apprenticeship will typically take 15 to 18 months to complete;

The main programme is delivered by our team of experts, through group and one-to-one sessions and ongoing practice and reflection;

This apprenticeship aligns with: European Mentoring and Coaching Council for Accredited Coaching Practitioner; The Association for Coaching for Accredited Coach; The International Coach Federation for Associate Certified Coach.


The Benefits to an Organisation:  

  • improved communication and workplace relationships;
  • increased professional and organisational confidence and effectiveness;
  • enhanced retention and talent management of staff.


The Benefits to an Apprentice:

As a Coaching Professional, you will develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to empower and support colleagues in their personal and professional development.