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Laboratory Technician Level 3

Why invest in your technicians?

The Gatsby Foundation’s report, ‘Good Practical Science’ (Sir John Holman September 2017)
found that “Well-trained laboratory technicians are essential to running of a department”.
It recommended that, “Technicians should be valued as an integral part of the science
department. They should be given professional development opportunities to refresh their
professional skills and their expertise in health and safety, and to give them new ideas for
practical science. They should have opportunities to get professional recognition”.
For schools that have technicians with science-specific expertise and regular professional
development, these technicians enable teachers to improve student outcomes by freeing up
their time, by supporting less experienced teachers and by making the best use of existing
laboratories and equipment.


Who is the apprenticeship aimed at?

Any technician who

  • Is interested in professional development
  • Would like to refresh their professional skills
  • Wants to improve their expertise in health and safety
  • And wants to gain new ideas for supporting students doing practical science.


Further Professional Development:

Following successful completion of the programme, the Science Learning Partnership can support technicians to apply for professional recognition such as Registered Science Technician (RSciTech) and Registered Scientist (RSci)