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Measuring Impact

The Academy rigorously measures the impact of its careers programme, to ensure it continues to meet the needs of our pupils, by making sure it is relevant, meaningful, and impactful.

The Academy uses the Future Skills Questionnaire, which is embedded in Compass+, a tool that is funded by the Careers and Enterprise Company, to baseline students at key transition point, and track progress between key stages. This tool is being used for the first time in the 2022/23 academic year.

The Academy closely monitors potential ‘NEET’ (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) students, to ensure bespoke, targeted support can be provided to any student who would benefit from it.

Individual activities and interventions are evaluated, and continuous feedback is provided by students, staff, parents and carers, and employers.

Please feel free to elaborate on Career Mark here

The Academy’s careers provision has been externally quality assured, by the national quality in careers standard, using the Career Mark approach. The Academy is delighted to achieve this national accreditation, and is testament to the rigour of our careers programme.

Please feel free to elaborate on Destinations data here (but be mindful that this will require an annual review)

Our destinations data can be accessed via school performance data accessed via DfE: