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Operations or Departmental Manager Level 5

Supporting managers and leaders to improve their effectiveness.

Who is the Apprenticeship aimed at?

Anyone working in an educational setting who:

  • Manages teams
  • Manages projects
  • Plans strategically and operationally
  • Manages change
  • Manages a budget and resources
  • Manages talent and plans for succession
  • Is accountable to a senior manager
  • Loves learning

Details of the Apprenticeship:

  • Apprentices will demonstrate the core knowledge, skills and behaviours to be fully competent as an Operations/Departmental Manager in their professional context
  • The apprenticeship will typically take 21 months to complete
  • The main programme is designed and delivered by our team of experts, through group
  • (face-to-face, live online learning, residentials) and one-to-one sessions and ongoing practice and reflection

The benefits to an organisation:

  • Self-reflective managers
  • Self-aware managers
  • Accentuated positive emotions at work, leading to improved self-efficacy
  • Resilient managers
  • Managers who are better able to:
    • Overcome challenges
    • Manage difficult conversations
    • Work in an unpredictable climate
    • Manage difficult decisions
    • Manage up and down

The benefits to an Apprentice & career progression routes:

  • Develop self-efficacy leading to improved wellbeing
  • Gain a L5 CMI Diploma in Leadership and Management as well as a L5 Apprenticeship Certificate in Operations/Departmental Manager