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Power Network Craftsperson Level 3

What is a Power Network Craftsperson?

A Power Network Craftsperson is tasked with securely constructing, maintaining, and repairing the electrical power network in the UK, ensuring a dependable and safe electricity supply to the nation. The role involves operating at different sites within a company's power network. Given the industry's focus on safety-critical tasks, a disciplined and responsible work approach is essential. The job demands a solid level of physical fitness to navigate and exit elevated work positions effectively.


Details of the Apprenticeship:

  • Apprentices will demonstrate core knowledge, skills and behaviours as a Power Network Craftsperson.

  • The apprenticeship will typically take approximately 30 months to complete.

  • The main programme is delivered by our team of experts through group or one-to-one sessions


The benefits to an organisation:

Hiring an apprentice or developing existing staff is a productive and effective way for any organisation to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled, and qualified workforce.


The benefits to an Apprentice & career progression routes:

Completing the Power Network Craftsperson apprenticeship may be a gateway to further career opportunities, such as Network Engineer or Field Technician.