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Success Stories

At Priory Apprenticeships we think that it is beneficial to read and hear about students and apprentices experiences with us.  Our apprentices each have varying jobs, so day-to-day duties will differ, even though they could be completing the same apprenticeship.

Here are some of our Employer, Apprenticeship and stakeholder views:

“I feel like the experience I have gained during my apprenticeship will really benefit me in my future as I have developed my CV and gained so many skills which I can refer to when applying for jobs.”

Level 3 Team Leader

“Having the opportunity to work with the apprenticeship scheme has had so many benefits for our organisation and the individual. It has enabled us to employ a focused, dedicated and highly ambitious individual who comes with a clear training plan – something that has enabled them to enhance their skill set and apply their learning in a real-world environment. I can’t believe what a good apprenticeship scheme can achieve."


“It is fantastic and heart-warming to watch staff develop in confidence, feel valued and enhance their own personal qualities as well as add value to the business. I feel a great sense of pride embracing the Apprenticeship Programme and developing our staff of the future.”


“If you choose an apprenticeship, you will be working with experienced technicians who will teach you the skills you need. I have learnt many new skills – not just technical skills, but communication and how to respond to different customers in an appropriate way.”

Level 3 Infrastructure Technician Apprentice

“I liked the idea that I could earn a wage while still continuing with education. I can also have many different possible progression routes once I have my apprenticeship.”

 Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice

“Choosing the apprenticeship route has given me the opportunity to spend time working with people of all ages which has helped me to develop my confidence and communication. I have gained new skills by choosing this route as well as having the opportunity to gain valuable experiences”

Level 2 Customer Service Apprentice